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Apex Dental Solutions is the Premier Dental Implant Marketing Group

We are a trusted dental implant marketing team with fundamentals, strategies, and knowledge of the industry have helped set us apart from the rest. We focus on high-quality dental implant patient leads. Our team utilizes solution based messaging, the patient experience and highly targeted strategies to deliver on our quality patient lead promise. Our goal is to put you and your team in front of qualified patient consults seeking help rather than wasting time chasing “leads.”

It all starts with a foundation

Our initial 90-Day program will establish our relationship & set the stage for growth.

We provide services to dentists across North America wanting growth through attracting patients seeking implant and high-end restorative casework.

By deploying our proven process including Dental Implant SEO and Targeted Marketing to establish a dominant local presence which sets the stage to capture and attract patients looking for a dental implant provider.

Our systems provide life-changing results and the office "experience" to help differentiate your practice. This ensures a higher quality of lead, higher case acceptance and less staff stress.

Our dentists find Joy in Implant Dentistry through changing lives, mastering their craft and maintaining an ongoing healthy ROI through these efforts.

Why Apex?

Guided by our expert implant team = relationships & results

Implant Focused

Apex Dental Solutions has been a trusted dental implant marketing team in the industry for over ten years. Our fundamentals, strategies, and knowledge of the industry have helped set us apart from the rest.

1st Class Support

We understand respect is earned and not given. We work hard to build a trusting relationship with our dentists and staff members. Communication is key as we discuss your goals and expectations in order to create successful marketing campaigns.

Result Driven

We utilize smart targeting and responsible management which attracts patients using motivational messaging and storytelling. This equates to high-quality results that build strong relationships with our clients.

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