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Apex Dental Solutions is your trusted implant specific team in the industry for over ten years. Our fundamentals, strategies, and knowledge of the industry have helped set us apart from the rest. We have found success through inspirational messaging coupled with ultra-targeted campaigns, tried and tested in actual dental practices both locally and throughout the country.

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smile zone marketing

Solution based educational messaging aimed to attract high production dental implant & cosmetic dentistry

full arch marketing

Inspire patients seeking smile transformation or capitalize on the increasing number of second opinion

comprehensive dental websites

Everything you need to maintain and grow a solid online presence. End-to-end service and management of organic optimization

Helping Dentists
Help More Patients

Now, more than ever, the demand for dental implants is surpassing the amount of dentists who actively place them. Corporate dentistry helped create widespread awareness through national campaigns, which only increased second opinions. The aging population also caught up with technology and are now searching for all of their options. Are you a dominant contender in your area?

Marketing companies that don't understand dentistry are emerging and jumping on the bandwagon focusing on “leads”, but not motivated patients. They are using price and manipulation as an attraction method which creates confusion, turning the view of dental implants into a commodity. This is simply not our belief.

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Differentiate Yourself As The Preferred Provider Of Value.

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It all starts with a discussion to understand your goals and objectives within your dental office. It's important that we tailor our approach specifically to your area and the patients you want to attract. This conversation is also to determine if our systems would be a good fit, and if it is, the team will begin doing their due diligence. Apex will construct a game plan after researching your market, gauging the level of dental implant awareness, and evaluate the right messaging to educate and inspire the ideal patient to start helping you achieve your goals. We look forward to joining you in the pursuit of helping more patients and growing your practice.

Mike Curran,

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