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Attract the "right" type of new patients, benefit driven patients

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Apex Dental Solutions provides solution based messaging to the right potential patients, giving your dental practice maximum conversion on phone calls to booked appointments. Personalized messages cut through the clutter and make a genuine connection with patients surrounding your office. This benefit-driven marketing approach not only lets your community know you place mini dental implants or dental implants but it also lets them know that you care about their overall health and well-being. Our unique messaging, benefit-driven instead of price-driven, allows for patients to think of all the foods they used to love eating and how they cannot eat them now. They call because they want to eat those foods again, wanting to secure their loose, uncomfortable dentures or replace those missing teeth that they’ve been putting off.

Be Different & Stand Out from the Crowd

When attracting new patients, a $39 cleaning is only going to bring in those who will look at you as a commodity and want only their cheap cleaning and not want to hear other problems they may have such as cavities. When promoting mini dental implants or dental implants to your community, you will attract the RIGHT type of new patient. Those who will not look at you as a commodity, but will look to you for help to solve their dental problems. By promoting and placing mini dental implants, you are distinguishing yourself from the rest of the dentists in your area, and I’m sure there are a lot of them. Performing this niche procedure will have patients driving from miles to see you.

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Dental Implant Marketing

Your dental practice should be selling results, not services. You are in the business of helping people, not taking advantage of patients like a used car salesman. Often times, people don’t want veneers or dental implants, they want a beautiful smile or to be able to eat the foods they love again. Have you ever thought to ask your patients “If cosmetic dentistry was 100% free, what would you want to change about your smile?” This question would help you to understand your patients’ wishes and help them see the benefits of dental implants and a beautiful functional smile rather than seeing the price tag.

Apex Dental Solutions is here to help you integrate dental implants into your general dental practice. We help your office get excited about dental implants and help them see the benefits, passing along that information to your patients.

So we’re sure you’re now asking yourself “Why should I market dental implants?”

For starters you’ve taken dental implant and mini dental implant placement courses and are trained on how to place the implants. Why not take advantage of this knowledge and grow your dental practice?

Some staggering statistics for you to chew on… More than 35 million Americans do not have any teeth, and 178 million are missing at least one tooth. These numbers are expected to grow in the next two decades. According to the US census there are 76.4 million baby boomers living. Baby boomers control about 70% of the total US net worth, some 7 trillion dollars. Why wouldn’t you gear your practice towards those people with disposable income that are looking to improve their quality of life?

Integrating a specialty or niche procedure into your general dental practice will help your practice to stand out from the crowd. We here at Apex Dental Solutions would like to let you in on our secrets to successfully growing your practice using the various dental implant procedures.